What Are the Important Questions to Ask Your Security Alarm System Provider?

Burglaries at home as well as any business premises, are on the rise these days due to current economic problems, inflation and lack of job opportunities, amongst other causes.

Therefore, considering installing an effective and reliable security system isn’t considered a luxury, but now it has become a necessity. Therefore, every homeowner and businessman should consider installing one on their property.

Most thieves mostly prefer to target companies because in such places they can steal much higher amounts as compared to any private home.

 Security System

While you are considering seriously the security and protection of your business, then the following are a few questions that you must ask the security system installers.

The purpose of asking these questions is to know that the security system that is offered by your provider will be effective and also fulfill all your security needs.

  1. Which area of my premises will your cameras cover?
  2. Where are the lenses are to be fixed?
  3. Should I use any variable focal type of lenses?
  4. Are these cameras Infrared cameras or non-infrared cameras?
  5. What IP protection do these cameras have?
  6. Should we use fixed cameras or any PTZ cameras?
  7. Can we always use the same types of cameras?
  8. Should we install wireless cameras or wired cameras?
  9. Will it be necessary to include backup batteries too?
  10. What kind of hard drives will you install?

Besides that, you must also ask about the warranty and servicing of the system too.