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Tips to reach Bronze in League of Legends

The main goal of League of Legends players is to get better in the ranking and reach the bronze ranking. It is a different feeling when you saw the bronzeborder which look majestically on your loading screen. If getting bornze is difficult for you then you can get it from https://gamestore.live/lol-accounts/bronze. We have got some tips for you which could help you reach the bronze level quickly.

Pick your champion wisely

You are likely to get to bronze if you become a god on only two champions rather than playing with a different variety of champions. Even if you are good at one champion, it won’t be enough because of the dynamic champion selection in the game. You will have toplay against opponents in their main position. You will also need to prepare yourself to play a secondary position as well.

So, you will have to good with the champion which can perform certain things such as playing in multiple positions, carrying the game and strongly influential but not too strong to be banned. One such example of this is Vayne. She has the ability to play top lane as well as ADC. She also a kit which cant be nerfed and she can also carry the games if you can master her. If you pick the right champion to main, you can quickly reach bronze.

league of legends

Fix your mistakes

It is of no use shouting or blaming at your team if you fail. Instead, you should record your game using a game recorder and watch your games all over again. In this way, you will get to know about your mistakes and you can improve your game. If you don’tanalyze your game, you will not be able to realize your mistakes and you will not be able to improve in the game.

It might not always be possible to win all the games but this will certainly help you to improve your game. While watching your game all over again, you will be able to spot your mistakes and patterns which you usually commit. This will improve your overall game and this alsohelps you to reach the bronze ranking.


These tips are certainly going to make you a better LoL player and help you reach the bronze level.